Bill Maher Destroys Trump Surrogate Trying To Bury Russia Scandal With One Sentence

Trump surrogate Jeffrey Lord tried to bury the Russia scandal by claiming that what we really need to focus on is getting the country moving again. Real Time host Bill Maher replied not if the country is being led by someone who was put there by a foreign power.


Jeffrey Lord argued that if Trump released his tax returns, it would turn into a political gotcha game. Lord said, “We need to get the country moving again.” Maher replied, “Not if the country is being led by someone who was put there by a foreign power.”

With one sentence Maher demonstrated why the Russia scandal has the ability to derail both the Trump presidency and the entire Republican agenda. Questions about Trump’s relationship with Russia are a dark cloud that lingers over everything this administration does.

Instead of hitting the ground running, the Trump White House has spent weeks denying and deflecting on Russia. If Trump and his White House really are innocent, they should welcome an investigation, because Russia is eating up his presidency. Every second that they spend denying and fighting the Russia allegations is another minute of the Trump presidency that they won’t get back.

The Republican Congress still has not passed, and Donald Trump has not signed a significant piece of legislation.

The country will not be able to move on and rally around this president because there remain doubts that he was legitimately elected, and those doubts were perfectly expressed by Bill Maher with a single sentence.