Just Five Minutes Into Louisville Speech, Trump Starts Bragging About Electoral College

Donald Trump visited deep red Louisville, Kentucky on Monday, the same day that FBI Director James Comey delivered several blows to his administration, to salvage his catastrophic presidency and drum up support for the disastrously unpopular Trumpcare.

But just five minutes into a speech that was supposed to be about the GOP health care legislation, Trump went off on a tangent about his Electoral College victory.


“It started on November 8th. Remember that beautiful, beautiful day?” Trump said. “They weren’t giving us a lot of chance, were they? Remember? ‘There is no path to 270.’ You know, for the Republicans, the Electoral College was very, very hard – very hard to win. Remember the famous line? ‘There is no path to 270.’ Well, there was a path to 306, but maybe not to 270.”

It should be noted that the election was more than four months ago, and Trump has been president for two full months.

Trump didn’t just revisit the Electoral College in the first few minutes of his speech – he also bragged about the size of the crowd at the rally and attacked the “fake media.”

All of this comes as Trump finds himself facing multiple investigations and legal challenges, as well as dismal favorability numbers and a health care plan that is disliked by almost everybody in the country.

Once again, the president showed that he has the message discipline of a third-grader, and can’t ever fully focus on a subject for too long without going off on self-serving tangents.

With so many serious issues facing the country and the world, the fact that this is the man in the White House is chilling.