As Adam Schiff Closes In On Him, Trump Attacks The Top Democrat In The Russia Investigation

Donald Trump is lashing out in every direction as the Russia scandal heats up. The President attacked Congressional Republicans for not protecting him from impeachment, and on Monday attacked the top Democrat who is investigating Russia in the House, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA).

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Trump tweeted:

Trump’s behavior is that of a guilty man. He is blaming his own party for not protecting him while lashing out at the congressional investigators who are hot on his trail. Schiff has been on television as one suspects that it is part of an intentional strategy to get the President’s attention. Trump is a cable news junkie who gets more of his information from watching TV than reading briefings from his own government.

The President is going after Schiff because he is going to be questioning Jared Kushner. Trump’s claim that Schiff is totally biased when the Congressman has made it clear on each occasion that he has been asked that he is only interested in the facts is an indication that the paranoid president thinks that the Russia investigation is a conspiracy against him.

Adam Schiff isn’t going to be rattled by Trump’s dopey nicknames and complaints. The ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee, and former prosecutor, is going to keep digging and putting the pieces together until he gets to the facts behind the Russia scandal.

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