The Secret Service Spent $13,500 Of Your Money On Golf Cart Rentals For One Trump Vacation

While millions of Americans are underpaid and worried about the future of their health care, the Secret Service spent $13,500 for golf cart rentals at Trump’s own New Jersey club where he is vacationing for two weeks.

USA Today reported:
The New York vendor providing the golf carts to the Secret Service has daily, weekly and month rental rates. Weekly rates range from $500 to $900 a cart, depending on the model and monthly rates range from $750 to $1,200 a cart.

The agency also signed two rental contracts with the same company in June, each worth $5,400.

Additionally, the Secret Service spent $35,185 on rental contracts earlier this year down in Florida, when Trump was regularly visiting Mar-a-Lago before it closed for the season.

That brings the grand total spent on golf cart rentals so far this year to $59,585.

Donald Trump believes that exercise is a waste of energy, so takes golf carts everywhere. While other leaders walked during the G-20, Trump followed behind in a golf cart. Trump’s laziness means that the Secret Service also has to rent golf carts to keep the President safe. The cost of those golf carts is coming out of our pockets.

Trump may have turned down the presidential salary, but he and his family are on pace to spend hundreds of millions of dollars of taxpayer funds on their lavish lifestyle. It would be cheaper for taxpayers if they paid Trump a salary and forced him to foot the bill for his own excessive expenses.

If Democrats take back control of all or part of Congress next year, there are early indications that they are going to crack down on Trump’s waste of taxpayer dollars.

Instead of getting a president to lead the country, the United States has a freeloader in chief that is making hard working Americans pick up the tab for his do nothing presidency.