Adam Schiff Wants To Cut Off Trump’s Cash By Blocking Secret Service From Paying Trump Businesses

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) will introduce an amendment that will block the Secret Service from paying to stay at any Trump businesses or properties.

The amendment states, “None of the funds made available by this Act to the United States Secret Service may be used to purchase, rent, or otherwise acquire goods or services, including hotel rooms, office space, or golf carts, from entities that are owned or operated by the President or the immediate family of the President.”

By law, the President can’t pay for his own Secret Service protection, but there is nothing stopping his family from finding other arrangement or paying for their own security. In other words, there is no law saying that Trump’s kids need Secret Service protection when they travel for business or go on vacation.

Rep. Schiff’s amendment is brilliant because it takes away Trump and family’s motivation for their constant travel and weekend vacations at Trump properties. The President is making money off of the taxpayers every time he goes to one of his properties for the weekend.

The Secret Service is broke, and can’t afford to pay its agents for hours that they’ve already worked because the Trump’s are living such a lavish lifestyle on the taxpayers’ dime.

Trump must not be allowed to profit from the presidency, and the best way to stop his greed and waste is to begin cutting off the flow of taxpayer funds to Trump businesses.