Leaked Document Reveals Trump White House To Tell DACA Recipients To Self-Deport

A leak of the White House’s talking points on ending DACA reveals that Trump is planning on telling Dreamers to self-deport.

ABC News has the talking point:

The talking point states that the Department of Homeland Security is urging Dreamers to use the time that they have left to make arrangements to self-deport. There is going to be no legislative fix, or at least not a legislative fix that Trump will sign. Even if Congress passes a law protecting the status of the Dreamers, it is clear that Trump wants these people out of the United States.

The real intention of the six-month delay in ending the program wasn’t to give Congress time to pass a law. It was to give the Dreamers time to voluntarily leave the country before Donald Trump began deporting them. The time is now to pressure Congress to legislatively protect the Dreamers by passing a bill by veto-proof margins.

Trump has no intention of letting the Dreamers stay, which is why the country must work around the President to uphold our values as a nation and do what is right.