Trump’s Economic Adviser Killed The GOP Tax Plan With One Disastrous Interview

Trump economic adviser Gary Cohn gave an unmitigated disaster of an interview where he refused to rule out that taxes are going to be raised on the middle class.


As Trump is out there pushing his tax cuts for the rich, his top White House economic adviser Gary Cohn was telling a different story. After sticking to the false line that the tax plan is targeted towards the middle class, the wheels started to come off when he said, “Every situation is different. It depends on what state you live in.”

George Stephanopoulos pressed Cohn on the fact that taxes are going to go up for many Americans, and said you can’t guarantee that no middle-class family will get a tax increase. Right?

Trump’s top man on the economy said, “George, there’s an exception to every rule.”

Stephanopoulos asked, “So, that’s a yes?”

Cohn then self-destructed, “Look, “I can’t guarantee anything. You can always find a unique family somewhere.”

The Trump White House is also still trying to sell the myth that Trump himself isn’t going to benefit from the plan when it has been revealed that Trump will save millions in taxes and $1.4 billion on the repeal of the estate tax alone.

The interview was a complete disaster for Republicans. They are trying to sell the biggest tax cut for the wealthy in US history as a middle-class plan, but Trump’s own economic adviser let the truth slip out. Taxes are going to increase on the middle class and the poor to pay for the gifts to the rich.

Trump thought that there would be Democrats crossing over to support tax cuts, but thanks to Gary Cohn, he can kiss that goodbye. No Democrat is going to support raising taxes on the middle class, and in fact, the entire tax cut plan is already teetering on the brink of collapse.

The Republican tax cut plan looks ready to crash and burn.