Blood In The Water: Mitch McConnell Throws Trump Under The Bus By Defending Bob Corker

It was a sign of presidential weakness, and just how much some Senate Republicans can’t stand him, that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell defended Bob Corker from Trump’s attacks.

McConnell defended Corker at an event in Kentucky:

The message to Trump is clear. If forced to choose between the President and their colleagues, Senate Republicans will choose their colleagues. The Senate Majority Leader doesn’t respect his own president, and what is even worse is that McConnell went out of his way to defend Corker, even though the Senator from Tennessee is retiring.

The Trump/McConnell feud is alive and well, and McConnell smells blood in the water when it comes to Trump. This president is wounded and reeling, and a top member of his own party would rather defend a guy who is cruising into retirement than Donald Trump.