Off His Meds And Out Of Control, Trump Launches A Late Night Attack On Rep. Frederica Wilson

Tantruming because John Kelly wasn’t able to fix his disrespect of fallen soldiers, Donald Trump launched a late-night attack on Rep. Frederica Wilson.

Trump tweeted:

Trump didn’t personally know La David Johnson, so this was not a personal call. Trump made the call from the Oval Office on the official White House line, so the idea that he was making a personal call is absurd. Rep. Wilson did know Sgt. Johnson because he graduated from her mentoring program. Wilson also has deep roots in the community of his district, and long record of being there for her constituents. She is the exact opposite of Donald Trump in every way.

No one has come forward to back up Trump’s claim that Rep. Wilson’s account is a lie. Numerous people including, Sgt. Johnson’s widow and his parents have verified her story. No one from the White House has specifically verified Trump’s claim that the story is not true.

Trump isn’t angry because he insulted a family who lost their loved one in combat. Trump is upset because the American people found out about his behavior, and this has generated bad publicity for him.

Apparently, somebody forgot to give Trump his bedtime meds. The President is out of control and trying to start a fight with a member of Congress to distract from his terrible behavior.

Trump’s distractions aren’t working as America is finding out daily who he really is.