Republicans Launch Cover-Up Of Trump Russia Crimes With New Investigation Of Hillary Clinton

House Republicans are trying to cover-up Trump’s Russia crimes by launching a new investigation of a uranium deal that happened while Clinton was Secretary of State.

Nunes claimed to be investigating Hillary Clinton’s involvement in a US-Russia uranium deal that happened during the Obama investigation:

Rep. Nunes said, “We are launching an inquiry into Russia’s involvement in the uranium deal that was done several years ago. This is just the beginning of this probe. We’re not going to jump to any conclusions at this time, but one of the things we are concerned about is was there an FBI investigation? Was there a DOJ investigation, and if so why was Congress not informed of this matter?

Nunes also claimed that the White House had nothing to do with this investigation. It is a coincidence that Trump tweeted five days ago:

The conspiracy goes that Hillary Clinton took bribes in the form of donations to the Clinton Global Initiative in exchange for approving the deal.

The real purpose of this investigation is to muddy the waters on the investigation into Trump’s potential Russia crimes. Since Republicans can’t make the Russia scandal go away, they are going to try to cover-up the President’s crimes by inventing a new scandal. It is a desperate bit of counterprogramming that is intended to confuse the American people.

A crime against democracy occurred during the 2016 election, and the Republican Party is using the House majority to try to stop the American people from learning the truth about Trump and Russia.