As Robert Mueller Closes In, Trump Pressures The FBI To Investigate Hillary Clinton

Trump is abusing the power of the presidency in an impeachable manner by publicly pressuring the FBI to launch an investigation of Hillary Clinton to try to distract attention from Special Counsel in the Russia investigation closing in on him.

The Washington Post reported that Trump is using the media to get the FBI to investigate Clinton:

In a Thursday radio interview, Trump said “the saddest thing” about being president is that he is not supposed to give orders to the Justice Department or FBI. The president said he was “very frustrated” that he could not be involved with those agencies, and said it was “very discouraging to me” that they were not “going after Hillary Clinton.”

“Hopefully they are doing something, and at some point, maybe we are going to all have it out,” Trump said Thursday on “The Larry O’Connor Show.”

Trump is upset because he can’t use the FBI as his personal weapon against his political opponents. The FBI isn’t coming after him. They are investigating the president and his campaign because of there a growing mountain of evidence that they broke laws while collaborating with an enemy of the United States to win a presidential election. Unlike an investigation into Hillary Clinton, the Trump/Russia investigation is justified by facts and evidence.

Donald Trump is trying to gin up a competing investigation to take the attention off of the Russia investigation. If Trump can’t get Clinton investigated, he has no other cards to play. Firing Mueller will set off a chain reaction that could lead to impeachment, and outside of getting rid of the Special Counsel, there is little that Trump can do.

Trump is sinking fast, and his demand for an investigation into Clinton is the desperate act of a drowning president.

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