Stephen Miller Screws Trump Over By Not Denying That The President Met With Russians

Trump adviser Steven Miller was asked if the President met with any Russians. Miller responded by attacking the book Fire and Fury but never denying that Trump met with Russians during the campaign.


Miller said, “It’s tragic and unfortunate that Steve would make these grotesque comments out of touch reality and so vindictive and the whole White House staff is deeply disappointed in his comments which were grotesque and with respect to the Trump Tower meeting he’s talking about, he wasn’t there when this went down, so he’s not a credible source on any of it. It reads Luke an angry vindictive person spouting out to a highly discredible author. The book is a poorly written fiction. I also will say the author is a garbage author of a garbage book. The tragic thing about this book and there are many things that are unfortunate but the portrayal of the president in the book is so contrary to reality, to the experience of those who work with him, to my own experience having spent the last two years with him. ”

Miller never denied that Trump met with Russians.

If the President didn’t meet with any Russians, Miller could have answered no. A one-word denial would have been worked.

By dodging the question, and going off on a rant about the book, Miller made it look like the White House has something to hide. Special Counsel Robert Mueller may already know the answer to the question of whether or not Trump met with Russians, but if he doesn’t, he now should want to talk to Stephen Miller ASAP.

The White House claims that Trump did nothing wrong, but when offered the opportunity on the record to say that Trump did nothing wrong, they dodge the question.

Before Miller got kicked off of CNN, he may have put his boss in a world of hurt with what he didn’t say on national television.

The more the White House tries to defend the President the worse things get for Trump.