Rachel Maddow Makes The Rest Of The Media Look Clueless On The Rick Gates Guilty Plea

Last updated on May 25th, 2018 at 09:42 am

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Rachel Maddow makes all of the hot take artists in the mainstream press look like fools as she showed that the Rick Gates plea was really about getting to the bottom of what was going on between Trump and Russia.


Maddow said, “Manafort seems to have been trying to trade on his influence in the trump campaign to get whole with Oleg Deripaska back in Russia. There have been a lot of forgive me, a lot of dumb hot takes on the Rick Gates guilty plea today about how that’s oh, too bad for Rick Gates or too bad for Paul Manafort, nothing to do with the Trump campaign, though. Whatever Rick Gates will tell the Mueller investigation about and traded 31 felony counts for is not about hiding money offshore and buying antique rugs in Alexandria. Clearly, the Mueller investigation has proven they have all they need to bring felony prosecutions about that stuff. What Gates was in a front row seat to see, what he was part of with a better vantage point than anybody else on Earth was the central question of what was actually going on between the Trump campaign and Russia? And now he’s Mueller’s star cooperating witness.”

Rachel Maddow sees the Mueller big picture

Robert Mueller isn’t messing around and wasting time filing charges on unrelated non-Russia issues. The Feds have been looking at Manafort and Gates for years. They were going to get Manafort eventually. Why Mueller is going after Manafort and Gates is obvious. They were high-level Trump campaign officials who were in place when the Russian election interference switched from creating division and chaos to supporting Donald Trump.

It also happens to be that Manafort had ties with Russian oligarchs. Maddow is putting the pieces together, and when Mueller’s findings come out, no one should be surprised if Rachel Maddow ends up being on the money more than anyone else on television.

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