Sen. Sherrod Brown Is Mobilizing Americans To Stop Ronny Jackson And VA Privatization

Sen. Sherrod Brown is organizing Americans to stop Trump’s VA nominee Ronny Jackson, and the White House plan to privatize veterans’ health care.


What I honed in on with him, what are you going to do when the political people in the white house push so hard for privatization? Do the Koch brothers bidding? That’s what they’re all about to the point I was going to ask at the hearing, how hard are you going to fight, are you willing to be fired making that fight for veterans because I don’t know any veterans organizations or individual veterans, the hundreds of veterans I talk to pretty regularly in Ohio, I don’t know of any that think that privatizing it it the VA does anything except enrich the owners of the new privatized VA and compromise the care of veterans. That’s why we’re building a whole campaign including on sho Sherrod to say sign this petition and fight against privatization. If Jackson withdraws or we don’t confirm him, I’m equally concerned about the next one, may not more qualified. May not have a toxic work environment. I’m concerned they’re going to do what every veteran I know doesn’t want, and that is to privatize because that’s coming straight out of the White House.”

The health care of veterans is at stake

The previous VA Secretary was fired because he would not go along with Trump’s privatization scheme. There is nothing in Ronny Jackson’s public statements that suggest that he would stand up to Trump. The reality is that Jackson is another lackey, this time with a possible drinking on the job problem, who would happily do Trump’s bidding.

Democrats should reject the Jackson nomination, and they should also reject any other Trump VA nominee who supports privatization.

Trump and Congressional Republicans are out to take away health care from veterans. The issue is bigger than Ronny Jackson. It is all about protecting our vets from a Trump act of ideological cruelty.

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