Trump Offered Bill Gates A Job In His Administration And Got Rejected


In March, philanthropist billionaire Bill Gates had a meeting with Trump at the Oval Office during which the two spoke for 40 minutes.

The conversation focused on primarily on public health. According to Gates, who spoke to Stat News about the experience, Trump became “super interested” in the development of a universal flu vaccine. Gates said it was “the longest conversation about universal flu vaccine that the president’s ever had.”


Later in the conversation, Gates brought up the fact that Trump has yet to hire a science adviser for his administration, which the philanthropist pointed out.

“I mentioned: ‘Hey, maybe we should have a science adviser,” Gates recalled.

Trump’s response was to ask Gates if he’d like to fill the position. This was followed by a blunt rejection.

“That’s not a good use of my time,” Gates told Trump.

Gates admitted that he didn’t know if the offer was a serious one and that he wasn’t sure if Trump himself knew if he was making a real proposition.