Adam Schiff Busts Trump On A New Impeachable Offense


After Trump demanded that the DOJ investigate the “spy” that was placed into his presidential campaign, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) busted Trump for abusing his power by trying to force the Department of Justice to conduct a bogus investigation.

Trump tweeted:


Schiff replied:

Abuse of presidential power is an impeachable offense

Trump can demand anything that he wants. He can demand that the sun no longer set but remain in the sky 24 hours a day. It is the pressure that he is putting on the Department of Justice through using his presidential platform that creates an abuse of power. With each tweet, Trump is creating more impeachable offenses. The president is asking that the DOJ be misused for his own partisan political purposes.

We’ve come full circle on the Trump excuses. Donald Trump has returned to claiming that Obama spied on him. Obama never spied on him. There was never some great conspiracy to get Trump, because no one, including the Trump campaign, ever thought that they would win. If Trump had a real lawyer or an adult that was capable of stopping him, they would tell the president to stop tweeting right now.

Forget a “perjury trap,” Trump is creating his own impeachment trap.

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