Adam Schiff

Adam Schiff Says There Is No Evidence To Support Trump’s ‘Spy Gate’ Claims

After the Gang of 8 meeting with intelligence officials, the top-ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee said that there is no evidence to support Trump’s claim that spies were placed inside his presidential campaign.


Rep. Schiff said, “Today’s gang of 8 briefing was conducted to assure protection of sources and methods. Nothing we heard today has changed our view. There is no evidence to support any allegation that the FBI or any intelligence agency placed a spy in the trump campaign or otherwise failed to follow appropriate procedures and protocols.”

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This is going to come as a big shock, but Donald Trump lied. He made up the ‘Spy Gate’ conspiracy because he is trying to throw anything and everything at the Russia investigation to make it go away. There has never been any evidence that there were spies inside Trump’s campaign or that the government was spying on Trump. It is a fact that FBI was interested in the Trump campaign after they got unusually close to the Russians.

Investigating a presidential campaign for potential crimes is not the same as spying on them. There was no spying on Trump for political purposes.

There was no US government spying on the Trump campaign, but there is a massive federal investigation that has probably colllected enough evidence to take Trump down.

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