Protesting Democrats Ambush Trump As He Leaves Immigration Meeting

A group of House Democrats ambushed Donald Trump as he was trying to make his escape after meeting with House Republicans about immigration.


Trump was screamed at as the protesters said, “Quit separating the kids. Quit separating the children.” They also promised that they would not go away and asked Trump, “Don’t you have kids? Don’t you have kids Mr. President? How would you like it if they took your kids, put them in cages? How would you guys like it if we separated your kids? It’s wrong. It’s not the America we know. It is not biblical. Where did Christ say that? Show me where?”

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Trump should not be able to go anywhere without facing protests over his policy.

House Republicans aren’t going to be able to pass anything, and if they by some miracle do manage to pass an immigration bill, it will be dead on arrival in the Senate. Trump is going to get to cause this mess and then punt it over to Congress. Democrats are going to give Trump nothing. This is his mess and he needs to end the policy. That is the simple and easy solution. Trump picks up the phone and tells Jeff Sessions to knock it off.

There is no money coming for the wall, which is why Trump kidnapped children in the first place. Democrats aren’t going to be blamed for this, and with the blue waving coming to at least flip the House, Trump has less than five months to figure out a way to get Democrats to fund his wall. If Democrats take back Congress, Trump will have to run for reelection with no wall.

There should be protests in DC. There should be protests on the roads every weekend when Trump goes to play golf. The America people should not rest until this policy is gone.

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