Donald Trump Jr. Shares Fake Photoshopped CNN Graphic While Misspelling America

Donald Trump Jr. tried to con the American people into believing that his failure father was popular by sharing a sharing a fake and obviously Photoshopped CNN graphic, as the son of the president managed to misspell America.

Trump Jr. has since removed the original post, but here is a screengrab:

If those numbers don’t look correct to you, it’s because they aren’t. Trump has never had an approval rating above 45% in the Gallup Poll. Trump has never had a 50% approval rating in any credible and objective poll taken during his presidency. The deficit number is wrong, as OMB predicts that the deficit will cross the $1 trillion threshold under Trump next year, The jobs numbers are wrong. Obama created 11.6 million jobs to Trump’s 2.5 million, and the GDP numbers are also a lie.

The only way that Donald Trump Jr. could make his father’s presidency look successful was to lie. CNN never created this graphic. The graphic and the numbers shown on it are fake news. Of course, no should expect anything less from a presidential son who can’t spell America correctly in his post.