Alec Baldwin Returns To SNL And Shreds Trump And Kanye West

In a sketch that was pure genius, Alec Baldwin and his Trump impression returned to SNL and drew the connection that Kanye West is the black Trump.


Baldwin as Trump said, “These two are great dear friends of mine, a couple of real Chicago types if you know what I mean. And thank you, Kanye, for giving me a pair of sneakers because they are white and wide and never going to be as much as you say they are. We have an amazing lunch to get to. But first I’m sure that Kanye wants to make a few brief lucid remarks.”

SNL perfectly captured Kanye’s crazy, “First, let me begin with the idea that time is the myth of infinite amounts of universe, and I’m a prisoner in a different dimension. Have I lost anyone so far? Okay. So we’ll talk about trapped doors. Like the 13th amendment is a trapped door. And if you are installing a floor, aka the constitution, why would you build a trap door? When you can end up with the Unabomber.”

To make it clear, Kanye said, “And I don’t want to brag, bro, I don’t want to brag, but I have a high IQ, I’m a stable genus, I have a big brain, and I have the best words.”

The kicker was when Trump realized, “Oh, my god he’s black me this is like being visited by the ghost of Christmas black, quick, look at Jim brown instead.”

It was a great sketch that captured both the futility of Trump‘s desperate publicity stunt and the completely insane deterioration of the White House under Donald Trump. It isn’t just that Kanye West is crazy, but that his crazy was allowed into the Oval Office and given a national platform by this president.

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