Eric Swalwell Brings It And Tells Congress To Start Checking Trump

Rep. Eric Swalwell reminded Republicans in Congress that the United States is a democracy and they need to start checking Donald Trump.

Swalwell said in response to Republicans repeating Trump’s Saudi journalist murder cover-up, “That’s right. A U.S. Resident working for a U.S. Media outlet murder bade U.S. Ally. We have a deep interest in knowing what happened. And here’s what we can do. We can, one, demand that the FBI formally investigate this. We have what’s called legal attaches over in Istanbul and Ankara, and they have partnerships with the security services in Turkey, and of course Saudi Arabia. Two, what we can do is also, if the Saudis are not going to cooperate, if the administration is not going to give us information through legislation, we can demand the suspension of arm sales to the Saudis. That I think would get their attention. So we’re not helpless. We’re not a kingdom. Saudi Arabia. We are a democracy, and we should start acting like one and start checking this president.”


A reality check is coming for Trump

Trump has been able to run wild with Republicans in control of Congress, but that will change quickly if Democrats win the House. Rep. Swalwell brought up a great point that is a sore spot with voters who view the Republican Congress as spineless. It is not an accident that Swalwell mentioned putting a check on this president. The idea of limiting Trump is one of the big motivators that is driving people to the polls.

In a little more than two weeks, King Donald’s reign on his pretend presidential throne could come crashing down at the hands of the will of the people.

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