Mentally Gone Trump Wanders Off At G-20 As Aide Has To Retrieve Him

Trump is so out of it and unable to function that he wandered off stage at the G-20 and had to have an aide bring him back on stage.


This is not the first time that Trump has just wandered off during an international trip. A mentally shot Trump wandered off during a meeting in Israel and had to be wrangled by staff and brought back.

Trump is not strong or mentally sharp

When Trump goes abroad for any length of time, his mental shortcomings get exposed for the world to see. Donald Trump can’t physically handle the job of being president. Trump can’t even handle a full workday schedule. Even when he is in the White House, Trump’s work schedule is filled with fewer and fewer events.

The American people need a president, not a guy who can’t handle starting his day before 11:30 AM and has to be done by 6 PM. Trump treats the most important job in the world as a part-time gig. Trump does this in part because he is lazy, but also because he can’t handle the demands of the presidency.

Trump is too long energy to hold the highest office in the land.

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