Michael Cohen Has Given Mueller The Evidence To End Trump

Michael Cohen has given Robert Mueller the evidence that he needs to allow Congress or the voters expose and end Trump’s presidency.

Transcript via ABC’s Good Morning America:

Stephanopoulos: So why should we believe you now?

Cohen: Because the special counsel stated emphatically that the information that I gave to them is credible and helpful. There is a substantial amount of information that they possessed that corroborates the fact that I am telling the truth.

Stephanopoulos: So you’re done with the lying?

Cohen: I am done with the lying. I am done being loyal to President Trump, and my first loyalty belongs to my wife, my daughter, my son and this country.


The Evidence That Cohen Gave Mueller Is What Scares Trump The Most

Trump and the White House are trying to muddy the waters by attacking the credibility and character of anyone who is associated with the investigation. Trump has attacked witnesses, defendants, the special counsel investigation, and Robert Mueller personally. Trump and the White House can’t dispute the evidence, so they are trying to smear every element of the investigation.

Kellyanne Conway had no defense for Trump during a 40-minute fiasco of an interview on CNN. All she could do was insult and smear host Chris Cuomo for asking questions about Cohen and the payments.

Michael Cohen kept everything. Prosecutors have all of his cell phones, documents, recorded conversations. Cohen has given it all to Mueller, which means that unlike Trump, Michael Cohen has proof to back up his statements.

Now, Robert Mueller has the evidence, and what Donald Trump is really attacking is the evidence itself. Robert Mueller probably has enough evidence to bring down Trump. Mueller can’t arrest Trump, or indict him, but he can turn it all over to Congress and the American people.

Voters are the jury, and in 2020, they will be able to weigh the evidence and use the ballot box to end Donald Trump.

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