Trump Now Claims He Doesn’t Remember Trump Tower In Moscow Meeting

Trump, who boasted about having a great memory, suddenly doesn’t remember what was said during his meeting about the Trump Tower Moscow project.

Rudy Giuliani gave the official Trump position on ABC’s The Week:

STEPHANOPOULOS: Did the president – did Donald Trump know that Michael Cohen was pursuing the Trump Tower in Moscow into the summer of 2016?

GIULIANI: According to the answer that he gave, it would have covered all the way up to – covered up to November, 2016. Said he had conversations with him but the president didn’t hide this. They know …

STEPHANOPOULOS: Earlier they had said those conversations stopped in January, 2016.

GIULIANI: I don’t — I mean, the date — I mean, until you actually sit down and you look at the questions, and you go back and you look at the papers and you look at the — the — you’re not going to know what happened. That’s why — that’s why lawyers, you know, prepare for those answers.


Trump has a great memory until it comes to doing business in Russia, then he suddenly goes blank.

If this is the best defense that Trump can come up with, they better start packing up the moving vans in the White House now because he’s a goner.

Just like any small-time criminal who gets caught, Trump’s first line of defense is to claim that he was framed, a.k.a. “witch hunt,” and after that fails, he shifts to claiming that he doesn’t remember what happened.

It doesn’t matter if Donald Trump remembers or not. There are lots of people who do remember along with plenty of documents and Robert Mueller has them all.

Trump is quickly running out excuses. His claim of memory loss isn’t going to work because even though the president lies, the evidence does not.

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