Did Mike Pence Promise To Pardon Trump To Stay On 2020 Ticket?

It is being reported that Trump has decided to keep Mike Pence on the ticket after Pence promised to defend Trump.

CNBC reported:
President Donald Trump has been telling his closest political advisors in recent weeks that he wants Vice President Mike Pence to be with him on the ticket in 2020, CNBC has learned.

The development comes amid media speculation that Trump could ditch Pence in favor of another running mate.

Trump has told confidants that he wants Pence to be his running mate in the next election, and the vice president has privately told him he’s ready to defend the administration against a likely onslaught of Democratic presidential candidates running to replace them, according to three people with direct knowledge of the matter.

The whole exchange sounds like there is something missing. Any VP candidate would defend their running mate. Judging from Trump’s proven behavior involving loyalty pledges and requests, it’s likely that Trump is keeping Pence on the ticket for another reason, and that reason inspires the question did Mike Pence promise Trump a pardon?

It would be consistent with past behavior and in character for Donald Trump to cut a deal with Pence that would guarantee that if he goes down, Pence will keep him out of federal prison.

There are some details missing in this story. Did Trump really try to dump Pence? Did Pence have to negotiate with Trump to keep his place on the ticket?

The personal relationship between Trump and Pence doesn’t exist.

The two aren’t close like Obama and Biden are. Trump treats Pence like an afterthought, but Mike Pence really wants to be president, so it is important to find out what Trump had to promise Pence, who has his own Russia problems, in order to stay on the ticket.

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