Trump Just Made It Worse For Himself By Pushing Mattis Out Early

Trump tweeted that Sec. of Defense James Mattis was leaving two months early in what was an obvious attempt to change the bad for him government shutdown coverage.

Trump tweeted:

Trump is getting killed on the government shutdown, so he is trying to change the subject

Trump’s tactics are so obvious. The government shutdown is creating mountains of bad headlines and coverage for him. The stinging Mattis resignation is still being discussed in the news, so Donald Trump is trying to take control of the news cycle by tossing his resigning Secretary of Defense out the door two months early.

All Trump has accomplished with another impulsive and out of control decision is confirming the stories that he is totally untethered. Trump isn’t “winning the news cycle,” as he is obsessed with doing. The President isn’t changing the storyline or looking like a competent leader.

He is confirming that irrational and governing by the seat of his pants.

Trump didn’t make things better. He made the stories much, much worse when he pushed Mattis out.

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