Trump Has A Christmas Eve Meltdown As His Presidency Crumbles


Since he shut down the government and can’t golf, Trump is holding a rager on Twitter where his spinning out of control as his policies crumble.

Trump claimed that nearly all Democrats support his wall:

He continued to rant about former Defense Secretary Mattis:


Trump flat out lied about envoy in the fight against ISIS who quit:

And he closed, for the moment, with a tantrum:

Trump is melting down for Christmas

Forget about the lies in each of the tweets above. Those should be expected by now. Look at the tweets together as a reflection of Trump‘s behavior and mindset. Trump had nothing to say about the government shutdown. He’s not even trying to win that PR war. He offered no sympathy for the hundreds of thousands of federal workers who have no paychecks this holiday.

Trump didn’t offer a Christmas message.

He didn’t wish the American well.

Trump ranted and raved due to the bad press that he is getting from people leaving his administration over the awful decisions that he is making.

Donald Trump has trapped himself in the White House, and he is melting down for Christmas. His presidency is heading for dumpster of American history, and Trump is acting like a man who can’t halt his own decline.

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