Trump Is Losing His Mind Because Pelosi Won’t Fall For His Crazy

Trump got himself into the government shutdown, and he doesn’t know what to do, because Speaker Pelosi isn’t falling for his crazy.

Former RNC Chairman Michael Steele was asked if he thinks the pressure Nancy Pelosi is putting on Trump is working.

He answered, “Absolutely. He’s met his match. He has no idea what to do with this woman. He has no idea what to do with Nancy Pelosi. That’s why he’s sitting in the White House “frustrated” because she’s not biting on the kernels of crazy he’s putting out there.”


Steele brought up several great points. Trump isn’t “frustrated.” He has no idea what to do. Trump has finally come across someone who has their own power, who doesn’t have to answer to him and is telling him no. Being told no has sent Trump way over the edge. Nancy Pelosi is the talented politician holding office in America right now. She is running circles around Trump because Pelosi is imposing order and guardrails on this president.

Trump controls situations by creating chaos and forcing those around him to react to the crazy, but Speaker Pelosi has ignored the crazy and allowed the president to paint himself into a corner where there is only one way out. Pelosi has stripped away the crazy and chaos to reveal a man who has no clue what he is doing.

Pelosi has imposed structure and disciple on Trump and left him with only one choice. Trump must grow up and open up the government.

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