Trump Could Be Facing 20 Years In Prison For Witness Tampering


Former Watergate prosecutor Nick Akerman pointed out that Trump’s efforts to intimidate Michael Cohen into not testifying are a felony that carries a 20-year prison sentence.

After Trump threatened Michael Cohen’s family with damaging information, Akerman said on MSNBC, “You have another series of campaign contribution violations that most likely were not reported as they should be. In addition to that, you have Donald Trump involved in the campaign violations just as he was in the payments to the two women and also involved in trying to intimidate a witness. Which is witness tampering. It is a 20-year felony under the criminal code. The idea that he is trying to scare Michael Cohen out of testifying is just an outrage. And Cohen rightfully is concerned that the statements that Donald Trump is making are going to put his family in danger.”



Trump keeps digging the hole deeper.

Donald Trump has been using these same tactics for decades, but he is president now and the spotlight is on him. Trump can’t get out of trouble with threats of damaging information, and it is unlikely that he is going to face trial while he occupies the White House, but there is an increasing possibility that someday Trump could step out of the White House and be immediately charged with a variety of crimes.

Trump is desperate to hang on to the presidency because it could be the only thing keeping him from spending the rest of his life inside of a prison cell.

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