The White House Busted Photoshopping Trump Pics To Make His Fingers Bigger

The White House has been busted for photoshopping pictures of Trump to make him look skinnier and his fingers bigger.

Gizmodo caught the White House photoshop handed, “In recent months, Trump’s official Facebook and Instagram accounts have published photos of the president that have been manipulated to make him look thinner. If it only happened once you might be able to chalk it up as an accident. But Gizmodo has discovered at least three different retouched photos on President Trump’s social media pages that have been published since October of 2018.”

Then there are the growing fingers of Trump:

Trump has had the White House lie about his weight, and has been sensitive about his baby fingers for decades, so it is par for the course that the White House would go so far as to edit and doctor images of Trump to make him look more like the president that he fantasizes himself to be instead of the hamberders loving Diet Coke swigging golf cart riding obese man that the rest of us can see with our own eyes that he is.

Donald Trump has turned the communications platforms of the executive branch of the United States government into his personal photoshopping PR department, and it is an embarrassment to the entire country.

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