The Average Worker Puts In More Hours In 9 Days Than Trump Did in 3 Months

Trump’s leaked private schedule revealed that Trump is supposed to be doing the most important job in the world, but he is working the same number of hours in three months that average US worker puts in in nine days.

Former Obama administration official Chris Lu made the stark comparison on MSNBC’s The Beat with Ari Melber, “Let me say this. The average U.S. Worker puts in about 44 hours on the job. In just nine days, the average worker spends more time on the job than the number of meetings, the time of meetings that this president has done over a three-month period of time. So now let me give you the context of President Obama. I worked for Obama for 11 years. I saw his schedule when he was a senator, a President-Elect and a president. You’re right. He got in about 9:00 A.M. He worked continuously through the day until about 6:00 or 6:30. He went and had dinner with his wife and kids, and then he was back working late into the evening or early into the morning. He often had evening events. He had weekend events. We had weekend senior staff meetings. It doesn’t compare at all to what President Trump is doing.”


There’s lazy, and then there’s Trump

The White House did not want the American people to see these private schedules, because they destroy the last fragments of the illusion that Trump is putting any effort into the presidency. What Trump is doing is not normal. The reason why Trump is a failing president is that he has no interest in the job, and is putting in the most minimal of effort.

Trump is lazy, disinterested, and milking the presidency for all he can get while weakening and destroying the institution.

Trump can’t relate to average Americans because has no idea what it is like to work a real schedule.

The nation needs a real president, not a Fox News watching, tweeting deadbeat, who is mooching off the taxpayers while endangering national security.

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