Former CIA Director John Brennan Says Republicans Are Complicit In Trump’s Crimes

Former CIA Director John Brennan said that the Republicans who are standing with Trump against the intelligence community are complicit in his crimes.

Brennan said on MSNBC, “I think history will show that they have been complicit in what Donald Trump has been involved in. They have not stood up. And those that have stood up, I think unfortunately they have left the halls of Congress. But at some point, I am very much hoping they are going to come to their senses and realize that Mr. Trump’s, again, demagoguery, as well as his continued denigration of our democratic system and institutions, needs to come to a halt.”


Brennan was referring to the members of Congress who stood up and clapped as Trump claimed that the investigations of his crimes were bad for the economy and unity. The Republicans who remain in Congress after the blue wave of 2018 have long ago shown their colors. Their loyalty is not to the people that they have taken an oath to serve. Their loyalty is not their country. Their loyalty belongs to a president who has been implicated in several felonies who potentially conspired with the Russians during the 2016 election.

John Brennan might be disappointed in the Republican Party, but this behavior is not surprising. Republicans in Congress have been building up to this moment of national betrayal for years. The same political party that would violate the Constitution by blocking a Supreme Court justice nominee should have no problem with enabling and supporting a criminal president.

The conscience of the Republican Party died long ago, which is why they are complicit and without remorse for their role in Trump’s criminal White House enterprise.

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