Trump’s Plan To Hide The Mueller Report Just Got Obliterated

The Senate has joined the House in threatening to subpoena all of the Mueller report if Trump and his attorney general try to hide it.

Sen. Richard Blumenthal brought up several ways that the Senate could get the Mueller report

Sen. Blumenthal told CNN’s New Day that the Senate Judiciary Committee could subpoena the report, “There’ll be subpoenas from Congress, including, I hope, from the Senate Judiciary Committee.”

The committee also could subpoena Mueller to testify, “A Senate or House Committee may subpoena anyone. The Department of Justice may resist it.”

The House and Senate committees can also subpoena any parts of the Mueller report that the Justice Department refuses to release. For example, if Trump’s AG William Barr tries to redact information that implicates the president in any crimes.


House Judiciary Committee chairman Rep. Jerry Nadler has already publicly stated that he will fight the attorney general and subpoena the Mueller report if the Justice Department refuses to release it.

Trump and Barr Can’t Hide The Mueller Report

After he realized that he couldn’t fire Mueller, Trump’s plan seems to have shifted to putting loyalists in place at the DOJ who would bury the report. Congress is not going to allow that to happen. Once Congress obtains the report, it will be entered into the public record and Mueller’s findings will be out there for all to see.

Trump can delay by fighting with Congress, but his plan to hide the Mueller report has been blown up, and any action the Executive Branch takes will look like a cover-up that is stalling for time.

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