So Much Losing: Trump Has Lost 63 Court Cases As President

Trump promised so much winning, but instead, he has consistently lost in court 63 times.

The Washington Post reported:
Federal judges have ruled against the Trump administration at least 63 times over the past two years, an extraordinary record of legal defeat that has stymied large parts of the president’s agenda on the environment, immigration and other matters.


Two-thirds of the cases accuse the Trump administration of violating the Administrative Procedure Act (APA), a 73-year-old law that forms the primary bulwark against arbitrary rule. The normal “win rate” for the government in such cases is about 70 percent, according to analysts and studies. But as of mid-January, a database maintained by the Institute for Policy Integrity at the New York University School of Law shows Trump’s win rate at about 6 percent.

Trump is losing because his administration is sloppy

The Trump administration has lost case after case because their attorneys have not been prepared and have not been able to explain the administration’s reasoning for policy changes in court. Trump has also undercut his own administration with tweets and statements that have been used against him in court. Just like everything else associated with this administration, the court cases are poorly prepared as positions seemed to be slapped together with no basis or rationale that is defensible in court.

Trump is sloppy, which is why so many of his changes are losing in court.

Trump isn’t winning

Trump promised winning, but all he does is lose because he doesn’t value process or knowledge. Trump claims that he is winning, but the reality is that he is on one of the worst losing streaks in presidential history.

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