Mueller Finds Evidence That Fox News Is White House Produced Propaganda


Buried in the Mueller report is an instance of the White House appearing to have the ability to tell Fox News what to cut out of their interviews with Trump.

Laura Rozen tweeted:

Here is the page from the Mueller report referring to Hope Hicks suggesting that the White House should tell Fox News to remove something the president said from the broadcast of a 2017 interview with Maria Bartiromo:


Fox News never did broadcast the entire interview.

The interview was aired in segments, which have been collected below:

If Mueller is correct, Fox News is literal state-run television

It is now clear why the Trump administration almost exclusively only deals with Fox News. If the White House has the ability to have parts of Fox interviews edited before they are broadcast, it would mean that Fox isn’t news at all. It is an administration run television station. Interview subjects don’t get to tell journalists what to remove.

The White House is acting as a producer of the interviews with administration officials, including Trump that appear on Fox News. No other network will give Trump the power to produce the interview.

Donald Trump doesn’t do live interviews, so by sticking to Fox News, the White House has the ability to edit a pre-taped segment to spread propaganda.

The incident reported by Mueller is proof that Fox News is a news network in name only. It is really a managed propaganda channel working in collusion with Donald Trump.

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