Michael Flynn Busts Republicans In Congress For Obstructing Justice For Trump

Mike Flynn told Robert Mueller that Republicans in Congress tried to interfere and obstruct his investigation to protect Trump.

Republicans in Congress obstructed justice

Tom Winter of NBC News tweeted:


It wasn’t just Trump obstructing justice

It is amazing that Mueller got as much information as he did. He had to fight through both the White House obstructing justice and congressional Republicans. It doesn’t take too much guesswork to figure who among the Republicans were obstructing the investigation for Trump. An excellent place to begin is Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) the former House Intelligence Committee chairman, and then you can look at someone like Reps. Jim Jordan and Matt Gaetz.

The criminal activity goes beyond the White House. Congressional Republicans have also been trying to sweep the Russian attack on US democracy under the rug.

The Russian influence goes beyond the buying of a president. Putin has bought the Republican Party.

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