Rex Tillerson Held A Secret Meeting With Democratic Investigators About Trump

Former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has been holding secret meetings with the House Foreign Relations Committee about Trump.

Rex Tillerson is cooperating with the investigation into Trump

The Daily Beast reported:

Former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was spotted entering a congressional office building on Tuesday morning for what a committee aide told The Daily Beast was a meeting with the leaders of the House Foreign Affairs committee and relevant staff about his time working in the Trump administration.


Tillerson’s arrival at the Capitol was handled with extreme secrecy. No media advisories or press releases were sent out announcing his appearance. And he took a little-noticed route into the building in order to avoid being seen by members of the media.

Tillerson’s talking, and that is bad for Trump

Tillerson would have a lot of insight to offer into Trump’s behavior and relationships with foreign governments. Rex Tillerson took a stronger line on Russia than Trump but was undercut by the president at every turn.

Rex Tillerson is most famous for calling Trump a moron.

Tillerson has kept out of the public eye and kept his thoughts private, but he was alarmed enough by Trump’s behavior that he is cooperating with congressional investigators.

It doesn’t matter if the cooperation is public or private. The only thing that matters is that the House gets the evidence.

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