Trump Campaign Melts Down After Trump Gets So Racist That Everybody Notices

The Trump campaign is having a meltdown after Donald Trump wrote a series of tweets that were so racists that their racism couldn’t be denied.

Trump campaign can’t answer for racist tweets

The Trump campaign has responded to Trump’s racist attack against non-white Democratic congresswoman by claiming that everyone is lying:

Trump’s campaign spokesman even claimed that Twitter was lying:

Trump used a racist bullhorn instead of a dogwhistle

Trump doesn’t do subtle. As his political fortunes are sinking, Trump is getting more overt and desperate with his racism. According to the Trump campaign, everyone else is lying about the exact words that Donald Trump tweeted for the world to see. The campaign of a president who lies dozens of times a day wants the nation to believe that everyone else is lying about something that is visible in black and white for all to see.

Republicans used to masters of the racial dog whistle, but Trump has turned that into a Twitter bullhorn that undeniable but only his most loyal followers and corporate media empires who depend on Trump’s presidency for their financial bottom line.

There is no way to spin the meaning of Trump’s tweets. Saying nuh-uh and liar might work on the playground, but not for a presidential campaign.

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