Trump Admits That He Is Not Doing His Job As President


Trump opened up his rally in North Carolina by telling the crowd that the President Of The United States has absolutely nothing to do.



Trump said, “And we have all night. We’re going to have a lot of fun. I have nothing to do. Nothing.’

The President Of The United States always has something to do. It doesn’t matter if the president is old or young, Democratic or Republican, in their first or second term, the president always has something to do. The job is so relentless and grinding that is ages presidents by an average of ten years more than their biological age. Any president will say that time is their most precious resource.

Donald Trump is admitting that he doesn’t value his time as president. Doing the job of running the country and leading the government means nothing to him, so he doesn’t do it. The idea that a president can show up in North Carolina and feel no pressure on is time is unfathomable.

Trump feels this way because he isn’t being president. He is using the presidency to make money for himself and his family, but there is very little governing going on.

The American people need a president, but Donald Trump isn’t interested in the job.

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