Jerry Nadler Is About To Drop The Mueller Hammer On Trump

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-NY) said that after Mueller testifies the House will begin to hold Trump accountable.

Jerry Nadler says accountability is coming for Trump

Transcript via Fox News Sunday:


WALLACE: And here’s what a Wall Street Journal poll from earlier this month found. Twenty-one percent say there’s enough evidence for Congress to begin impeachment hearings, 27 percent say Congress should continue investigating, but 50 percent say there should be no hearings and that Mr. Trump should finish his term as president. Chairman, hasn’t the country largely moved on from the Trump investigation?

NADLER: No, the country has not moved on. I mean, they’ve — the — the president and the attorney general have lied to the American people about what was in the Mueller report, about the fact that — you just heard the president saying they found no collusion. That was not true. That it found no obstruction, that is not true. And they’ve had months about lying to the American people, people don’t read a 448 page report. I believe that when people hear what was in the Mueller report, then we’ll be able — we’ll be in a position to begin holding the president accountable and to make this less of a lawless administration.


And the fact of the matter is that the president has also been lawless in telling all witnesses not to obey Congressional subpoenas, not to testify at all, and that is beyond the pale of the Constitution.



Democrats Are Laying The Groundwork To Get Trump

Robert Mueller’s testimony is just the beginning. Democrats don’t need Mueller to drop bombshells. All they need the former special counsel to do is tell the American people what is in his report. There is very little risk to this hearing for Democrats. The entire nation is going to be watching, and what they are going to hear is a report that paints a damning picture of Trump and his presidential campaign.

No matter what Mueller says or doesn’t say, Democrats are coming for Trump. The fight for justice is just getting started, and it will keep going until Trump resigns or is defeated in 2020.

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