Rep. Elijah Cummings Shows Exactly Why Trump’s Racism Is Backfiring


Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) explained why Trump’s racism is backfiring on the president by proving that he’s a racist.

Elijah Cummings Says Trump’s A Racist

Transcript via ABC’s This Week:

CUMMINGS: No, I’m not — I’m not worried at all because I know that what it is doing to is for the people who want to see our democracy intact, those people despise these kind of words and hate them. And for every person that was making — saying those kinds of chants and feel the way that the president feels, there are probably two or three for every one of them who feel just the opposite. George, no matter where I go, what I’m hearing over and over again is — from my constituents is please save our democracy, please save our country.

And you know something else they say, George? They say I’m scared. And I have not — I’ve never in my total of 37 years in public service ever heard a constituent say that they were scared of their leader.



STEPHANOPOULOS: Do you believe President Trump is a racist?

CUMMINGS: I believe he is — yes, no doubt about it. And — and I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt, but I got to tell you, George — let me tell you, I get — when I think about what he said to these young ladies who are merely trying to bring excellence to government and trying to make sure that generations yet unborn have an opportunity to experience a true democracy, when I hear those things it takes me back, like I said. And — and — and I can still remember bleeding from my forehead when people were throwing bottles — and these were adults, throwing bottles and saying go home [racial slur].

Trump’s racism has backfired

Rep. Cummings was correct. For every person who agrees with Trump’s racist views, there are two or three who do not. Trump is losing the numbers game with each racist attack. Trump is making his support and his party smaller with his racism. Cummings did go out of his way to give Trump the benefit of the doubt. He is not a rhetorical bomb-thrower who shows up regularly on cable news. Trump was trying to use race to divide the country. Instead, he has strongly united the majority against him.

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