Trump May Try To Make Devin Nunes The Director Of National Intelligence

Trump has been meeting with Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) about replacements for DNI Dan Coates, which has led to speculation that Nunes is a candidate for the job.

Politico reported:
Trump and Nunes, the top Republican on the House Intelligence Committee, are closely aligned on intelligence issues. Both have pushed accusations that career officials — particularly under the Obama administration — have been misusing their power to target political enemies and manipulating intelligence findings for political purposes.

Because of these similar views, some on Capitol Hill and in the intelligence community think Nunes himself could be in the mix for an intelligence post, even if it’s not at ODNI.

“The president would certainly consider Devin Nunes for the director’s position and I eventually see him serving in some capacity in this administration,” said one member of Congress who speaks to Trump frequently. He noted, however, that he sees “all of Devin’s efforts being directed towards a reelection effort in Congress.”

Devin Nunes as DNI would be a disaster. Nunes sabotaged the House Intelligence Committee’s Russia investigation. He was the point man for Trump’s congressional Republican cover-up operation. Nunes took information and intelligence about the Russia investigation straight to Trump. He was heavily involved with the Trump campaign and has floated the conspiracy that Obama spied on Trump.

It would be difficult to find a person outside of Trump’s own family who is less qualified to be DNI than Devin Nunes, which is why no one should be surprised if Trump nominates him. Rep. Nunes is a Trump stooge who would do grave damage to the nation’s intelligence community. Nunes should be under investigation, not under consideration to oversee US intelligence.

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