The FBI Is Livid Over Trump Tweeting Epstein Conspiracy Theory

The FBI is reportedly livid at Donald Trump for tweeting a conspiracy theory about Jeffrey Epstein’s suicide.

Business Insider reported:

“The Epstein case was hypercharged from the get-go,” one current FBI agent, who requested anonymity to freely discuss Trump’s actions, told INSIDER. “The last thing investigators need is the president of the United States fanning the flames with these bulls— theories that have no basis in reality.”

Frank Montoya, Jr., a recently retired FBI special agent, characterized Trump’s actions as “crazy talk coming from no less than the President of the United States.”

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“This would be a bad TV melodrama if it weren’t real,” he added. “The world is watching. Trump may be successfully fooling a third of America with his sociopathic antics, but everyone else … sees how naked the Emperor is, and they are exploiting the advantage.”

The nation recently witnessed in El Paso the consequences of Trump’s Twitter trash.

The FBI should be livid at Trump. The president is trying to find someone else to blame besides his handpicked attorney general and himself.

Jeffrey Epstein was a prisoner in federal custody. As much as Barr wants to pretend like the DOJ had nothing to do with what Epstein did. Trump and DOJ policy is the reason why Epstein had the opportunity to commit suicide.

The President Of The United States is tweeting right-wing conspiracy theories in an effort to dodge responsibility and cover his backside, and the FBI is not happy.
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