Maryland Man Arrested For Threatening To Exterminate Hispanics Thanks Trump For Race War

A Maryland man who was arrested for threatening to exterminate Hispanics thanked God for Donald Trump’s presidency, and his oncoming “race war.”

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Trump and the Republican Party can’t deny it or hide anymore. They are encouraging and emboldening racists to take violent action to kill minorities. The El Paso shooter was directly inspired by Trump. With his racist rhetoric on immigration that began by calling Mexicans rapists and became the policy of putting migrant kids in cages as president, Trump has sent the signal through both word and deed to his white supremacist supporters that the president supports and encourages their violence.

Donald Trump is the person who claimed that America is being invaded by immigrants. The racist attacks are a daily feature of his presidency.

The president is inspiring racist people to act on their violent impulses against minorities.
The Republican Party is ignoring it, but Trump inspiring white supremacy is a growing national security threat.

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