Trump Just Claimed That LGBTQ People Are His Biggest Supporters

Trump told reporters that LGBTQ people gave him an award and that gay people are his biggest supporters in response to a question about his administration’s discriminatory policies.


Trump said, “Well, you know, I just got an award, or an endorsement yesterday from the exact group. You saw that? They gave me the endorsement yesterday. I’ve done very well with that community and some of my biggest supporters are of that community, and I talk to them a lot about it. I think I’ve done really very well with that community, as you know, Peter Thiel and so many others, they’re — they’re with me all the way, and I just got a big endorsement from the Log Cabin group.”

At this time, Trump is trying to deny same-sex couples healthcare coverage, make it easier for employers to discriminate against the LGBTQ community, and he is fighting in the courts to keep his transgender military ban in place. Trump’s presidency has been one long act of ongoing discrimination against the LGBTQ community, so no they aren’t his biggest supporters. In fact, the vast majority of LGBTQ voters are some of his staunchest opponents.

The Log Cabin Republicans endorsed Trump because they are Republicans, and he is virtually their only choice after he rigged the primary.

With each passing day, Donald Trump retreats deeper into his fantasy world, a reality fades into the distance.

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