The House Judiciary Committee Is Preparing To Hold Corey Lewandowski In Contempt

The entire process takes weeks, but the House Judiciary Committee is moving to hold Corey Lewandowski in contempt.

CNN reported:

The House Judiciary Committee is preparing to take initial steps to potentially hold former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski in contempt over his refusal to answer questions at this week’s hearing before the panel, multiple sources tell CNN.

But it is a process that could take weeks: First, a letter is expected to be sent to Lewandowski asking him to answer questions and warning him he can be held in contempt if he doesn’t answer. Then, they may offer a contempt resolution, officially notice a committee vote and then hold a vote in committee before any floor action.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi expressed her belief that Lewandowski should have been cited for contempt of Congress during the hearing when he shamelessly stalled, lied, and tried to run out the clock.

Corey Lewandowski wants to run for the US Senate in New Hampshire. One of the ways that the House can send a message to all of the Trump impeachment witnesses that lying to Congress has its consequences would be to deal a death blow to Lewandowski’s Senate dreams by holding him in contempt of Congress.

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