Top House GOPer’s Attack On Whistleblower Backfires Into Trump Criticism

Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), the top Republican in the House was trying to attack the whistleblower that has come forward but ended up criticizing Trump.

Here is what McCarthy told reporters:

The reason why McCarthy knows nothing about the whistleblower is that Donald Trump and his administration have broken the law by not turning the complaint over to Congress. McCarthy knows that the whistleblower can’t go to Congress directly, because if he or she does, they could face prosecution for mishandling classified information. This is the reason why the intelligence community has its own whistleblower law.

Rep. McCarthy is continuing the modern Republican tradition of having people who are terrible at their jobs leading the House.

House Republicans wouldn’t be “concerned” with anything that Donald Trump did, but it speaks volumes about how deep the whistleblower hole is that the top House Republican can’t come up with a defense of the president that doesn’t end up as a criticism of Trump.

A clear picture of what the complaint is about is beginning to emerge.

Trump made a promise to the president of Ukraine that was troubling that it inspired the complaint. Trump is at risk of breaking federal bribery laws, and the complaint is so bad that the entire administration is collaborating to keep it away from Congress.

Republicans are going down with the Trump ship, and without Democrats in charge of the House, the American people would know little about Trump’s potential crimes.

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