Sen. Maize Hirono Calls Out Gutless Republicans Who Are Afraid of Trump

Sen. Maize Hirono (D-HI) slammed gutless Republicans who are afraid to stand up to Donald Trump and do their jobs.

Sen. Hirono said on MSNBC. “We’re supposed to feel grateful one Republican, who ran for president no less, expressed deep concern. I would like to see him come in with other colleagues and step out of the shadows and do their jobs. We’re supposed to be a second branch of government and holding the president accountable. These are very serious allegations at this point from the whistle-blower, and I’m not surprised the administration is trying to negate what the whistle-blower has come up with. I’m not surprised at all, because the president, Katy, cares about two things, protecting his as we say ōkole and money. Those are the two driving forces for him and right now he’s so intent and protecting himself he will do and say anything and apparently he has an administration who’s perfectly willing to go along with him. It’s more than sad. It is tragic for our country. We need to do something about it and that something is open an impeachment inquiry.”


Sen. Hirono was correct. Are we all supposed to fall to the ground with relief and say thank goodness that Mitt Romney is concerned? If this was a Democratic president accused of such behavior, Mitch McConnell would be relentless in calling for the House to impeach, but since it is Trump, House and Senate Republicans have run to his defense and ignored the allegations that this president has broken several laws.

Notice that Sen. Hirono didn’t call for Trump to be impeached, but for an impeachment inquiry to be done.

The difference is important. An impeachment inquiry would allow for a full-blown investigation of this president without taking the immediate step of impeachment. Impeachment itself as a stand-alone mechanism will be worthless as long as Mitch McConnell is running the Senate, but the tools of impeachment investigation could allow Democrats to change the tide of public opinion on impeaching this president, and if nothing else, build a rock-solid case against his reelection.

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