Mike Pence Will Be Forced To Give Up Damaging Information On Trump

Mike Pence doesn’t have immunity, like Trump, so while he is not facing criminal charges, Pence will be forced to give up damaging information on Trump.

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Harry Litman talked about Pence’s potential problems on MSNBC, “I don’t think he’s looking at a criminal investigation but to amplify what Peter said, before that meeting, he gets a briefing book with a whole account of this transcript. He’s there and by his own words said we only talk about corruption which Zelinsky knows means the Bidens and then by his own account, he comes back and reports to trump who every time he talks about Ukraine is talking about the Bidens. So it begins to seem really far fetched I think his exposure is more in terms of his future credibility and viability. Nothing he’s done now approaches criminality but he’ll have to give up information, and that information is going to be bad for the boss.”


Pence is not going to be able to deny the turnover of documents and hide behind his office like Trump. The subpoena to Pence on Friday was huge. Pence has detailed information about the Ukraine shakedown, and he is going to be forced to turn it over to the House. Pence won’t end up in prison, but his political career will probably be over. Mike Pence can’t pretend to be an outsider anymore. He has been caught, and he will have to spill the beans on Trump.

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