Trump Vows To Destroy Turkey With His “Great and Unmatched Wisdom”

Trump is vowing that he will destroy the economy of Turkey with his great and unmatched wisdom

Trump tweeted:

Trump responded to Republicans, Democrats, and even former members of his own administration blasting him for pulling US troops out of Syria by declaring himself to have great and unmatched wisdom, which is right up there Trump declaring himself to be a stable genius as some of the most delusional words to come out of this president’s mouth.

Donald Trump has never destroyed the economy of Turkey.

Trump’s own former ISIS envoy called his decision a gift to ISIS, Russia, and Syria:

McGurk also said that Trump is not a commander in chief:

Trump made a terrible decision that the US could end up paying for in the years to come. Trump has just handed Syria over to Putin, ISIS, and Assad. The US had no ground troops in Syria. Trump’s decision was based on keeping a promise to Putin, not acting in the national security interests of the United States.

Donald Trump’s empty bluster isn’t fooling anyone. Trump has sold out America in the fight against ISIS, and no amount of empty wisdom proclamation can hide the truth.

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